ATV Riding

President: Hugh Lemaster
Vice-President: Dean Proctor
Secretary: Doris Lemaster
Treasurer: Dave Shaw
Snowmobile Trail Master: Chad Wright
ATV Trail Master: John Johnson

The members of the Cochnewagan Trailblazers meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Meetings are held at the Monmouth Center fire station located on Main Street.

All members or anyone interested in joining are encouraged to attend. If you don’t have time to attend a meeting or to assist with club activities, please consider joining to help support your local club.

Join us Feb 4, 2017 to check out our new clubhouse . Snowmobilies from the past and present will be on display. Click here for more information.

  1. Adopt a Highway
    Adopt a Highway
  2. Christmas Party 2015
    Christmas Party 2015
  3. Spring Fling 2016
    Spring Fling 2016
  4. June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
    June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
  5. June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
    June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
  6. June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
    June 2016 Mt Vernon Trip
  7. Clubhouse Work - Getting ready for a floor
    Clubhouse Work - Getting ready for a floor
  8. Clubhouse Work June 2016
    Clubhouse Work June 2016
  9. Clubhouse Work Jun 2016
    Clubhouse Work Jun 2016
  10. July 2016 - Oxford - Poland
    July 2016 - Oxford - Poland
  11. July 2016 Oxford-Poland
    July 2016 Oxford-Poland
  12. July 2016 Oxford-Poland
    July 2016 Oxford-Poland
  13. Trails Are Looking GOOD!
    Trails Are Looking GOOD!
  14. Grooming!
  15. February 19th Trail Ride
    February 19th Trail Ride
  16. March 3-5, 2017
    March 3-5, 2017
  17. March 19, 2017
    March 19, 2017
  1. THANK YOU Business and Land Owners for your contributions!
    We could not do what we do without you. Without the generosity of our Monmouth landowners and business partners, we would not have a club. We want to take just a moment to shine a spotlight a few business and land owners and say "Thanks" for your generosity.
  2. Thank you Norm & Lois Slaunwhite
    Norm & Lois Slaunwhite have been very generous with their land and allowed CTB to use of their lands for many years for snowmobiling and other recreational activities.
  3. Thank you Apple Valley Bakery & TJs
    TJ generously donated a Chevy Blazer to our club for our future needs.
    1) David Uhouse $150 2) Mary Mead $50 3)Kathy Boggan $25 4) Cindy Hall $25 5) Marty Martin $25 6) Chad Federico 7) Roberta & Scott Kemp 8) Roger Roy 9) Greg Pettengill 10) Dave Nielsen 11) Rosemarie Leonard 12) Todd Hartford 13) Fred Hall 14) Donnie Kenney 15) Roberta & Scott Kemp 16) Gary Hall 17) Dean Proctor 18) Todd MacDonald 19) Nancy May 20) Fred Hall 21) William Burgess 22) Rodney Bubier 23) Herb Whitier 24) Thomas Giberti 25) Mike Pollard 26) Kim & Wayne Orndorff 27) Roger Whitten 28) James Richards